Status Online 49 / 112

Changelog #6

by Scream on 2024-05-19

- Added Platinum Bullion exchanger to @go 36.
- NPC Full Charm Changer has been added to @go 36.
- Added new Shadow Equip.
- Added Rudra Dungeon (prontera 185,215).
- Added Rudra Shop (prontera 190,215).
- Added Shadow Enchanter (prt_in 22.69).
- Added Shadow Refiner (prt_in 60.55).
- Updated prizes for Lotti Girl.
- Fixed crashes in Endless Tower.
- Fixed a bug with the crash from Balmung on Gunslinger.
- Added the ability to garden in guild locations.
- The PvP Arena 1x1 location has been replaced and the exit from the arena has been added.
- Added Mind Breaker and DelayRate -10% to Sky Shuriken.
- Fixed bonuses for Sky Katar.
- Based on the voting results, the following BG modes were retained: Stone Control, Flavius, Rush, Team DeathMatch
- Added sale of pet food to NPCs at Guild Locations.
- The @votekick team has been removed.
- Removed Antibot from Guild Dungeon.
- Updated Boitata Card bonus.
- Updated Wiki on our website.
- Damage of the following skills has been changed:
    - Cart Termination +15%
    - Fire/Cold/Lightning Bolt +20%
    - Esma +15%
    - Jupiter Thunder +15%
    - Acid Demonstration +25%

Changelog #5

by Scream on 2024-05-03

  • Strong Recovery Wand is worn as described
  • Banned 3rd Class Sprite Suite in ET Cellar
  • Updated auto loot collector (a function for storing a single item has appeared)
  • All stat food and chewing gum now stack their status (extend the timer) when used again
  • Combined monster day + hyperactivity day = farming day
  • The size of the guild has been returned to its previous values.
  • Reduced cost for renting an endless wing
  • Fixed a bug with the spawning of monsters in the farming zone
  • Added new commands: (Maximum guild capacity on GW - 12)
    • @woereg / @woeregister - Register/Unregister on WoE. By default, registration is allowed for all
      • @woereg list - Shows the list of registered members from your guild
      • @woereg block <char_name> - Block someone from your guild to register on WoE. Command is available only for Guild Leader
      • @woereg allow <char_name> - Disable block of someone from your guild to register on WoE. Command is available only for Guild Leader
  • Now you can block not only the DM, but also the public chat (global messages) from unwanted messages from a specific player:
  • Just use the built-in client function - RMB (Reject Whispering) or enter /ex nickname
  • View block list: /ex
  • Added quests for Legendary weapons and Phoenix Shield
  • Updated drop from the castle
  • Updated NPC Donation Shop

Changelog #4

by Scream on 2024-04-24

  • Fixed a bug with the number of monsters in Guild Dungeon.
  • The warp point in Guild Dungeon has been returned to the center and has become static.
  • PvP is disabled in the Guild Dungeon center. (As soon as you step on one of the bridges you will immediately find yourself in the PvP zone)
  • MvP and Mini-Boss Cards are now highlighted in the inventory.
  • Drop Ring is now equipped on the costume slot.
  • When MvP and MiniBoss Cards fall on the ground, they will be highlighted with a special effect.
  • Added new command @packetfilter.

You need to update the client via Patcher.

Changelog #3

by Scream on 2024-04-18

  • Added rental of an endless FlyWing in the Donation Shop. (Possibility of renting for 1 or 7 days)
  • Removed antibot from fishing.
  • Emperium Arena introduced.
  • BG Points have been added as a reward for holding Emperium Arena.
  • Access to Guild Dungeon is now open
  • Added Charm Stone. These stones provide bonuses simply by being in the inventory. Only one charm of one type works.
  • Updated drop of all Super MvP except Kubkin.
  • Glorious Weapon Box has been added to Leak.
  • The Leak Card has been completely changed.
  • Added a new event MvP Attack.
  • Updated Donation Shop.
  • In Evil Room, the reward for completing an Instant has been increased. (First difficulty level +15 Evil Points for each party member. Second level +30 Evil Points. Third difficulty level +45 Evil Points.)
  • The first WoE will take place on April 28th.